How will I receive my order? Why do I have to put a shipping address?

It doesn't matter which shipping address you provide. You must pick up your order in person either during our sales events or our pick up windows. Here is a schedule of our sales events and pick up dates. Message us on our Facebook page if you're unable to find our table on Upper Sproul!

When will my order be ready?

Your order should be ready 1 day before the next sales event/pick up time. We will send you another email with the earliest pick up time as soon as we set aside your items.

Note: if you place an order less than 48 hours before a particular sales event, your order *might* not be ready in time for pick up during that sales event. For example, if you place an order at 11:00 PM on October 4th and the next sales event is 10am-2pm on October 5, your order might not be ready for pick up on October 5th. Stop by our table just to make sure, though! There's a chance that we might have your order ready :)

Do I need to show you anything when I come to pick up my order?

You must show us the order confirmation that we emailed you when you first placed your order.

Why do your items say "coming soon"?

These items are out of stock and we are in the process of reordering! Keep an eye out on our website to see when these items restock. 


Why haven’t I been seeing items you’ve sold before?

We discontinue some of our old items to bring in new designs from our design team. We are sad to retire some of our popular items, but we are always generating new ideas to give our customers newly designed products! 

Can I buy your items if I don't go to UC Berkeley?

If you are able to pick up your items on the UC Berkeley campus, you are free to purchase our apparel and stickers! If you're unable to do so, then unfortunately we will not fulfill your order (and we will refund you if you accidentally made a payment).

I can't make any of your sales events or pick up hours. How do I pick up my order?

Please ask a friend to pick up your order! Forward them your email confirmation. If this isn't possible, please email us at with details of your situation.

What is your return policy? Do you allow exchanges?

Please refer to our Policies page for information regarding exchanges and pickups!